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The people to see for all of your electronic design and manufacturing needs

At Innovative Circuits, Inc., we provide contract electronics manufacturing services for a variety of industries. We specialize in automated surface mount and mixed technology printed circuit board assembly, including ball grid array (bga) devices, with both X-ray and optical vision inspection capabilities.

Our production processes include both in-circuit and functional testing of pcb assemblies and system assemblies as required, installation of customer provided firmware/software, and finished product assembly and packaging services in some applications.

Our engineering services include schematic capture, printed circuit board layout and design, hardware and software development support, and enclosure design support. From prototype units to full production, we want to become your electronics assembly and manufacturing partner.

Call Jim Usery, Sales and Marketing Director, at 662-287-2007 or 662-287-0220 to discuss how we can put our capabilities to work for you and assist with your electronic design or assembly projects. You can also contact Jim by email at jusery@icimfg.com.